Die Mauer – A Cologne summer story (Sep, 2016)

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Some shots I took this summer. We spent a lot of time at “Die Mauer”, a wall near the university and a common place to chill and drink beer. The latter one we consumed a lot - sometimes not that successful 😓✌️

the watchdog 🐶 Ancient Night Drive Vibes 💎 Mario fights the Terminator 🌼⚡️ Here we party Der Limo Dealer VW Polo Mikado The last sun rays of this summer Silly Boy! (me) Gentrification 😵 Community places Pit Stop Störung Entstörung The pub Reddish Selfie 😎✌️ Mario Kart! I ❤️ Jan's Hoden Good vibrations in the air! DISOBEY The street is our dance floor! When weekend??




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