Timisoara’s Communist Consumer Museum (Oct, 2017)

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Some time ago, I reported about my trip to Timisoara, which was my first visit to Romania at all. And last week I came back from a business trip to Bucharest. Looks like I really love this country, huh? However, I’ve collected enough material for a new zine. It’s supposed to be a kitschy travel portrait and will soon be ready you can find it here.

In the meantime and as an appetizer to the upcoming zine, have fun with some shots of my visit to Timisoara’s Communist Consumer Museum (aka Muzeul Consumatorului Comunist ). I just couldn’t resist! It’s a small museum, hosted in an old villa south of the old town . Next to the exhibits from the Ceaușescu era which are freely lying around everywhere, it houses a bar and a garden with a cozy terrace. And: You can touch everything! All in all a very private atmosphere and it seems more like visiting your quirky old aunt’s house than an ordinary museum.

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