#fckafdp (Feb, 2020)


Anti-FDP demo in Cologne after Prime Minister election in Thuringia

Last night (Feb 5, 2021) there were spontaneous demonstrations against the FDP (Free Democratic Party) in Cologne and at many other places in Germany . The reason was the yesterday’s election of the FDP candidate for prime minister in Thuringia with votes from the CDU, an until then bourgeois-democratic party of the post-war period in Germany, and the AfD, an extreme right-wing party that makes no secret of its fascist worldview.

The demonstration started in front of the FDP headquarters, moved through the city center and passed the AfD office, and finally ended at the CDU headquarters, which is not far from the Cologne city hall. The latter was occupied by some of the demonstrators in order to interrupt an FDP meeting held there (successfully ).

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