EURO 2016 was boring!

EURO 2016 was boring is a collection of photographs I took during the UEFA European Championship in the summer of 2016. It was a very boring “EURO” with an unenthusiastic soccer tournament, saturated fan feelings and an increased level of commercialization. Looking for the euphoric highlights of the most popular sport in Europe, I just captured the void and boredom of something which has become a slick business.

  • photozine, 20 numbered copies
  • 2nd edition of 2017
  • 36 pages (incl. cover pages), 38 photographs, colour
  • digital printed, 135gsm paper
  • each copy will be hand signed

You can purchase a copy (while stocks last) for €8.00 + shipping costs. Just drop me an email and provide the name of the zine and your address. You can also add other zines to the e-mail. I will calculate the shipping costs and send you a reply with the corresponding offer and the PayPal transaction details.



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