Smartphone Wisdom

What are the capabilites of state-of-the-art artificial intelligence? Smartphone Wisdom is an experiment of creating text just by using one of the three auto-suggested words on the keyboard of my smartphone. What came out of it? Total nonsense! Hollow phrases in which you can interpret everything into.

I put all phrases into this small zine. May it lift us on a higher level of consciousness.

  • the zine has the same aspect ratio and size as the screen of the smartphone on which it was created: 16:9, 14.8 x 8.4 cm
  • 26 pages + front and back cover
  • color printed on recycled paper (80 gsm) on a photocopy machine
  • 1st edition of 2016, 10 copies

You can purchase a copy (while stocks last) for €3.00 + shipping costs. Just drop me an email and provide the name of the zine and your address. You can also add other zines to the e-mail. I will calculate the shipping costs and send you a reply with the corresponding offer and the PayPal transaction details.

alt (The displayed smartphone is not included in any delivery)



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