Assessing animal behavior

Description: A short introduction into cutting-edge methods for assessing animal behavior in a multi-modal and high-throughput fashion and deciphering animal behavior and neuronal activity in latent space.

Next course time: N­euronal Circuit Dysfunction of C­NS diseases (WPM31), June 24, 2024, 10:30 am to 4:00 pm
Venue: DZNE Bonn (room number see handouts)

duration: 1.5 h (lecture, including a visit to our animal behavior facility) + 3 h (hands-on practical)

published: June 29, 2023
latest update: June 21, 2024 (04:14 pm)

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Chapter 1: Behavioral experiments and animal welfare

Chapter 2: Multi-modal and high-throughput behavioral phenotyping

Chapter 3: Assessing animal behavior with machine learning

Chapter 4: Deciphering animal behavior and neuronal activity in latent space (incl. discussion)

Chapter 5: Hands-on: DeepLabCut


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Past courses

  • N­euronal Circuit Dysfunction of C­NS diseases (WPM31), July 5, 2023

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