Laying off thousands of employees: Not okay! How to delete a Twitter account

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Putting thousands of people on the street, how this has been done, and which consequences this could have for foreign employees is anything else than cool. And since Twitter could now become an even more pleasant home for far-right propaganda and conspiracy theories, this might not be the environment in which you’d like to stay. Here is how to fix it:

  1. open up Twitter
  2. click on the ... icon on the left panel in the main Twitter window
  3. unfold the menu Settings and support
  4. select Settings and privacy
  5. click on Your account
  6. click on Deactivate your account
  7. click on Deactivate
  8. confirm your password and click Deactivate
  9. In the next 30 days, do not log into your account. After that period, your account will be deleted permanently.


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