I love Romania

108 beautiful motifs from Timișoara and Bucharest taken in August and October 2017. This mini photobook explores the contradictions and tensions within the artificial bubbles of civilization we create around us.

I love Romania is a summary of two trips to Romania in 2017.

  • photozine, 20 numbered copies
  • 1st edition of 2017
  • 108 pages (incl. cover pages), 105 photographs, colour
  • digital printed, 135gsm paper
  • format: 105x148 mm (DIN A6), metal spiral binding
  • each copy will be hand signed

You can purchase a copy (while stocks last) for €11.00 + shipping costs. Just drop me an email and provide the name of the zine and your address. You can also add other zines to the e-mail. I will calculate the shipping costs and send you a reply with the corresponding offer and the PayPal transaction details.




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