Stable installation of Napari on a M1 Mac

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In the past few days I have played around with Napari on my M1 Mac. For some reasons, I was not able to install it from pip,

python -m venv napari_venv
source napari_venv/bin/activate
which python
python -m pip install "napari[all]"

neither via terminal nor via VS Code (I always received the error message error: metadata-generation-failed). It only worked via PyCharm, and I was able to run Napari, though it was very unstable (it crashed a lot).

On the other hand, I had no problems installing it from conda via terminal,

conda create -n napari_conda -y python=3.9
conda activate napari_conda
which python
conda install -c conda-forge napari

No crashes and the installation of plugins also worked fine.




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