New publication on Tauopathy

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I’m very happy to announce that a new publication on tauopathy by Lydia Reinhardt (1st author) and Dagmar Ehrnhöfer is just published. In “Dual truncation of tau by caspase-2 accelerates its CHIP-mediated degradation” Lydia and the collaborators find:

  • Caspase-2 cleaves Tau at D65 and D421
  • In vivo overexpression leads to low steady-state protein levels for caspase-2 generated Tau fragments
  • CHIP specifically co-immunoprecipitates with Tau fragments in vivo
  • Caspase-2 generated Tau fragments are preferentially ubiquitinated by CHIP
  • CHIP is linked to accelerated degradation of caspase-2 generated Tau fragments in vitro

Our lab including me collaborated in this project.


Full publication citation:

Reinhardt, Lydia, Musacchio, Fabrizio, Bichmann, Maria, Behrendt, Annika, Ercan-Herbst, Ebru, Stein, Juliane, Becher, Isabelle, Haberkant, Per, Mader, Julia, Schöndorf, David C., Schmitt, Melanie, Korffmann, Jürgen, Reinhardt, Peter, Pohl, Christian, Savitski, Mikhail, Klein, Corinna, Gasparini, Laura, Fuhrmann, Martin, & Ehrnhoefer, Dagmar E., (2023), Dual truncation of tau by caspase-2 accelerates its CHIP-mediated degradation, Neurobiology of Disease, 182, 106126,


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