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Articles about data science and science in general, open source and other free DIY solutions, and personal stuff.

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Hello, I’m a Data Scientist and I love to play with pixels.

Hello, I’m a Data Scientist and I love to play with pixels.

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Take smart notes with the Zettelkasten method

25 minute read

With the Zettelkasten method by Niklas Luhmann, we give the previously presented personal knowledge network a concrete shape and practical implementation. This is the second of three parts of the series about personal knowledge management.

Boost your research with a smart personal knowledge management system

4 minute read

My next posts will be a short series about personal knowledge management and how it can be integrated as a holistic system into our overall research workflow. The system is based on the Hypertext Theory and the Zettelkasten method, and its core element is t...

Using Markdown for note-taking

9 minute read

It might be a bit difficult to learn at the beginning, but there are several benefits of taking personal notes in Markdown. Here is why I switched.

On teaching

2 minute read

I strongly believe that teaching is not a unidirectional thing, but both sides, the participants and the teacher benefit from it. This is a personal comment on teaching.

My website is now completely cookie-free

9 minute read

I made several changes to my website to further increase the privacy protection. As a result, it runs now completely without cookies.

New Teaching Material: Python Cheat Sheats

less than 1 minute read

I’ve started a collection of various Python cheat sheets that contain some useful and commonly used commands and usage examples.

New Teaching Material: Fiji short course

less than 1 minute read

I’ve added a LaTeX guide to the General Teaching Materials in the teaching section. It serves as a Getting started with LaTeX guide and as a LaTeX glossary.

Free LaTeX editors

1 minute read updated:

A list of currently freely available LaTeX editors (constantly updated).

Free Markdown editors

2 minute read updated:

A list of currently freely available Markdown editors (constantly updated).

strftime Cheat Sheet

4 minute read updated:

Cheat Sheet on formatted date and time strings used, e.g., in Python, C/C++ or even on Jekyll websits by using Liquid tags.

Liquid Cheat Sheet

26 minute read

This Cheat Sheet gives an overview of Liquid syntax commands one might encounter while developing a Jekyll website.

Minimal Mistakes Cheat Sheat

16 minute read updated:

A quick overview of available commands for creating content with the Minimal Mistakes Jekyll theme.

New Teaching Material: LaTeX Guide

less than 1 minute read updated:

I’ve added a LaTeX guide to the General Teaching Materials in the teaching section. It serves as a Getting started with LaTeX guide and as a LaTeX glossary.

Building New Universes

2 minute read

Lost&found: In the wake of the redesign of my website, I’ve rediscovered an old project from 2016, where I created imaginative sceneries by using water, oil, transparency film and a camera.

About my MINIDISKO project

less than 1 minute read updated:

MINIDISKO is a series of kitschy postcards, that I create from time to time. It’s a charity project, all profits will be donated to a non-profit, charitable organization.

About Weekend Stories

14 minute read updated:

Weekend Stories is my on-going photographic diary project, where I collect everyday stories (mostly) occuring on the weekends.

I switched to Jekyll websites

5 minute read updated:

I have designed my website. But not only that, I actually also moved the entire website to a new host: I’m running it as Jekyll wesbite hosted on GitHub now.

I’m moving to a new web host

less than 1 minute read updated:

I’m currently transferring the content from my former website hosting service to a new one. This transfer is not yet completed (as of mid of July, 2021). Please stand by, I give my best to finish the transfer as soon as possible.

German Angst

less than 1 minute read updated:

Co-effects of the Corona lockdown: people buy like crazy toilet paper, until nothing is left anymore. This is a copycat work, the original work from David Hugendick can be found on twitter ꜛ.

ok cool

less than 1 minute read updated:

wuhaa! Thanks a lot to ok cool ꜛ for featuring my work! Please check out their websiteꜛ (or flickr or instagram) to see many more cool 😎 photographers 📸

IDAHOT (International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, May 17)

less than 1 minute read updated:

Today is the International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia ꜛ. As a small contribution to the fight for equal rights, I’ve redesigned my “heart” graphic and I will share it on my social media accounts. Feel free to re-share it anytime.

Material Design

1 minute read updated:

In 2014, Google introduced its new design language Material Design ꜛ. I was fascinated by its design concept:

Study with Colored Pencils

less than 1 minute read updated:

Searching for a new desktop wallpaper, I took some photographs with colored pencils. For the first time, I worked with my little improvised studio. You can download all images as desktop-wallpapers (16:9, mid-res: ~3MB, hi-res: ~70 MB) for your personal use...

Hello world.

less than 1 minute read updated:

It is done! Welcome to my new website.


The far ultraviolet aurora of Ganymede

Abstract The far ultraviolet (FUV) aurora on Jupiter’s largest moon, Ganymede, is characterized by two distinct ovals in the northern and southern hemisphere, which have been investigated by several campaigns of the Hubble Space Telescope (HST) in the past ...

Morphology of Ganymede’s FUV auroral ovals

Abstract We study the morphology of Ganymede’s FUV aurora by analyzing spectral images obtained over the past two decades by the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph on board the Hubble Space Telescope. The observations cover the eastern and western elongat...


The applicability of spatial memory tests in the IntelliCage

Abstract We evaluate the automatic behavioral assessment system IntelliCage® for investigating cognitive functions of mice. Here, we apply a spatial memory test paradigm to a mouse model of two different tau-pathologies, which demonstrates the feasibility o...


Past courses

A summary of courses and lectures I was involved in during my studies and Ph. D.

Python: Basics for Data Scientists

Introductory course into the Python programming language. The course is condensed to the minimum requirements for the use of Python in numerical data analysis. This is the preliminary course to the Python Neuro-Practical course.

Python: Neuro-Practical

The course is a collection of short tutorials tailored to practical Data Science problems in Neuroscience. The aim of these short tutorials is to demonstrate, how to think about problem solution in Python and how to find strategies and individual solutions ...

Teaching fiji short course

Teaching material

Markdown Guide

Markdown guide with a broad overview of Markdown syntax and ready to use examples for direct application in your Markdown documents and Jupyter notebooks.

Teaching python cheat sheets

Teaching python course

Teaching python course neuropractical

Weekend stories